Wicker's Jalepeno Duck Wraps


  • Take the duck breasts and cut in half vertically. Put in a bowl of saltwater, let it soak for a few days changing the salt water once a day.
  • Get a pack of thick sliced bacon and cut the slices in half. The amount used is determined by the amount of duck breasts (1/2 slice per piece of duck)
  • Next you will need a jar of pickled jalapenos, toothpicks, throw away roasting pan, and ½ gallon Wicker’s Original Marinade and Baste.
  • Lay down a piece of bacon and place a jalapeño on it, next lay down your duck on top and roll it up, using a toothpick to hold it together. Continue this process until all the duck is wrapped.
  • After all your duck is wrapped and stacked in the roasting pan, fill with Wicker’s until it covers all the wraps and then cover in aluminum foil


Fire your grill up to 350 degrees

When at 350 place the roasting pan on the grill and let cook for 30 minutes.

After 30 min take the roasting pan off the grill and remove the duck from the pan, placing it directly onto the grill. (I prefer to use a plate setter for indirect cooking so the bacon won’t burn, if you don’t have one then just keep an eye on it to make sure you don’t have a flame up and burn your wraps)

Cook the wraps around 15-20 more minutes. Directly on the grill until the bacon reaches the color and texture you prefer.