Wicker”s is as poplar with locals as it is with chefs, Memphis-in-May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest teams and folks all over the country.

There is a delicious Wicker’s product for beef, pork, chicken and fish. It’s also a great shrimp boil and seasoning in tomato juice, Bloody Marys, baked beans and chili. Best of all, Wicker’s is 100% natural.

There is no ending to the number of great Wicker’s recipes possible. This section is devoted to a sampling of the many ways Wicker’s can transform a meal into a great experience.

A word about marinating and basting: MARINATING a meat consists of letting it soak in a mixture of an oil, an acid and flavoring agents. The oil is there to keep the meat moist during cooking, the acid (vinegar) acts as a tenderizer, breaking down the fibers in the meat during the marinating time. The exotic spices are the flavoring agents. A time guide for marinating meat that usually works is four hours of marinating time for every inch of thickness. BASTING is a simple method of flavoring meat by painting it with sauce during cooking. Basting usually does not tenderize. It can, however, keep it moist during the cooking and add flavor and a glaze to the surface. Wicker’s Thicker should be brushed on near the end of the cooking time to prevent scorching.

With your continued input, we will constantly add to this list of recipes.

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