For over a half of a century, the people of Wicker’s have been totally dedicated to providing unique products of high quality and exceptional service. Examples of the thousands of notes and letters received from satisfied customers from all walks of life follow. We hope you will also take a few minutes to send your concerns, suggestions and comments.

Linda Kelley from Greenwood, South Carolina wrote “I am writing in reference to your Wicker’s Barbecue Marinade and Baste. I had a bottle given me by a brother-in-law from Tennessee. I loved it. It doesn’t override the taste of the other foods I used it with. I love to grill outdoors and your product keeps the meats so juicy and tender it is almost unbelieveable.”

Tracey Phillips from Blairsville, Pennsylvania wrote “My sister has introduced us to your products and I must say it is absolutely the best.”

Loretta Ricketts from Honolulu, Hawaii wrote “My husband loves Wicker’s Barbecue Sauce and won’t let me buy anything else and I can’t find it in any of the stores here. Help!”

John Shook from Sumter, South Carolina wrote “I have been barbecuing for over 25 years, and your product is second to none.”

S.F. Corson from Kansas City, Missouri wrote “I purchased a bottle of your marinade here in Kansas City at the “BarBQue Cook-off” held at Kemper Arena. That is some GREAT marinade, especially on pork ribs.”

Chuck Clearman from Town Creek, Alabama wrote “After years of boring barbecue, we finally found and tried your marinade and baste. What a difference you have made! We wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful product.”

Patrick Clements from Richland Center, Wisconsin wrote “With the summer only a few months away we have very little marinade left. For years we have used it, bragged about it and totally enjoyed everything we used it on. I will not use any other substitute. Please let us know how quickly we can get two 144 oz. jugs.”

Mark Bone from Middleburg, Florida wrote “I’m a house painter and painted a lady’s house in the Country Club subdivision last month. She made me some center cut pork chops that had marinaded in your sauce in a crock pot all day. Loved it, man.”

Anthony Juliano from Los Angeles, California wrote “Every year, my family members attending Thanksgiving dinner are served Wicker’s Wicket Turkey, cooked in the oven. The legend continues. Happy Holidays!”

Jane Befumo from Coventry, Rhode Island wrote “Last January a dear friend introduced us to Wicker’s Marinade. After my first taste I knew I was in trouble. It is the most delicious barbecue sauce I have ever had. The trouble part comes because it is not available here. Can you help?”

Jennifer Dodd from Mooreland, Oklahoma wrote “I’m a 7th grader at Mooreland High School. We are doing a school project and we have to write to a company. So I am writing to a company that my whole family would enjoy. We use Wicker’s and it’s great! I was wondering if I could have some more info.?”

Dorothy Johnson from Jackson, Tennessee wrote “I am writing to let the people who make your Wicker Bar B Q Sauce that it is the best I have ever used and I have used many, many kinds.”

Barbara Chadwick from Amelia Island, Florida wrote “I have just finished my last bottle of Wicker’s marinade. Please tell me what to do. It’s summer and if it’s summer I must have Wicker’s. I have been using Wicker’s for over 15 years. Thank you for coming to my rescue.”